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Chat Room FAQ. Common Frequently Asked Questions.

Question 1: What are the age requirements?
Answer: Most rooms are 14+. While some rooms ask for an older user base. Please make sure you are at the right age for these.

Question 2: What do i need to use & download to use the chat rooms?
Answer: Nope nothing needs to be downloaded. Nothing to worry.

Question 3: Are these chat rooms safe & free to use?
Answer: Yes they are safe but only if you allow them. Not telling any real personal info about you will help you be safer on the internet but mostly chat sites.

Question 4: How old do you have to be to be a mod?
Answer: You have to be at least 16+ to be a mod on Some rooms might require 18+.

Question 5: Can i promote my website in the chat rooms?
Answer: You may NOT spam or post any links that is not related to If you wish to promote your website please visit our Link Exchange Page

Question 6: I see other names in different colors, who are they?
Answer: All staff for the chat rooms are in color.

Question 7: I would like to become a moderator or an administrator. How do I apply?
Answer: You may apply to be a moderator here

Question 8: Can i use my mobile phone, tablet, & ipad for the chat rooms?
Answer: Yes our rooms work with apple, android, ipad, & tablet devices

Question 9: It just logged me out of the room for no reason. What happened?
Answer: It can happen due to not being active in the room for a certain amount of time.

Question 10: Do you allow VPN or Proxy IP addresses to access the chat rooms?
Answer: No we do NOT allow those in or on our website at all. If you are caught using one you will be banned & the ip will be blacklisted.

Question 11: Do I have to register to participate?
Answer: Our chat rooms are 100% FREE and no registration is required. You do have the option to register a free account. Registering will give you a permanent username which you can use in all chat rooms on our site.

Question 12: I have been banned, kicked, or placed on KOS. What do i do next?
Answer: If you have been banned, kicked, KOS please visit here to see what to do next.

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