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Welcome to our user guide for our forums & chat rooms.

If this is your 1st time on a chat forums please make sure you check everything we have on this page. This will help you understand our website a little better.
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Chat Room Guide.

Chat Room Rules | Read the rules before entering.

Chat Room FAQ| Got some questions? We got the answers here.

Chat Room Safety | Learn more about chat room safety here.

Banned/Kicked/KOS | Click here to find out how to be unbanned or off kos.

Chat Rooms Abbreviations/Slang | Learn the chat room Abbreviations/Slang here.

Chat Room Help| A guide to help you understand our chat rooms better.

Forums Guide.

Forums Rules | Read the rules before joining.

Forums Profile FAQ | Need help with your profile on forums? Here is a FAQ for that!

Forums FAQ | Read the rules before joining.

VIP | Wanna be a vip member? Find out here.

Invite Friends | Invite your friends to join our forums.

Joining Problems?| Need help joining? Find out here.

Private Policy| Please read our private policy asap.

Terms of use & Cookie Usage | Read the terms of use & cookie usage.


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Arcade | Play over 5000 arcade games. No cheating and have fun.

Casino | Test your luck at our forums casino. No real money is used or used for real payment. Its all used for fun.

Credits| Earn credits for the casino and other things on the forums. Check out this thread

Videos| Upload videos here for other forum members can watch. All videos must be pg-13.

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