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Chatsiteforums Chat Room Safety Tips

Here is a quick and easy to read guide about chat room safety. Even if its your
1st time or 1 millionth time chatting you should always chat with caution.
Down below is some helpful and useful tips to help you in a major jam.

1) Age Requirements - Users should be over the age of 13. Minors should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Room age requirements MUST be followed.
Those violating this rule will be booted and reported to the proper authorities.

2) Never use webcams for showing yourself nude or other personal and private means. The person on the other end could be recording you
and using this against you in a harmful way.

3) Report to a moderator or Admin if someone or something makes you worried or uncomfortable at this site.

4) Online Bullying: With the web providing an increased number of social communication tools (email, SMS, chat rooms, instant messaging)
for users, there has been an increase in the number of users who are using these tools to antagonize or intimidate others. This usually happens to younger people.
Because bullies commonly harrass their victims away from the watchful eyes of adults or guardians, the Internet is the perfect place for them to reach others anonymously.
For many younger users, home is no longer a place of refuge from school bullying. Users should be aware that some forms of online bullying are considered criminal acts.
It is illegal to communicate repeatedly with someone if your communication will cause any fear for the safety of the person you are communicating with or the safety of others.
If you feel you are being bullied, please report any incidents to your local police or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) who can then investigate the issue further.

5) Internet Addiction: It is important for users to be aware that too much time spent in chat rooms is not good. It is important to maintain a healthy balance
between online and offline life. Internet addiction is usually identified by events including, but not limited to, the following: sense of euphoria while at the computer,
problems with school or work, feeling empty or depressed when away from the computer, and neglecting family and friends. Internet addiction can also lead
to physical problems such as eyestrain, backaches, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Take a break, once in a while!

6) Be careful who you trust online and remember that some online ‘friends’ are really strangers.

7) Keep your personal information secret when completing your profile or chatting online
(name, address, telephone number, mobile number, private email address, picture), even if people ask for this.

8) Remember that you can always log out to avoid unwelcome situations, or change your screen name.

9) Do not hesitate to block people you do not want to chat to.

10) Do not use your real name – but instead a nickname (but not one that will attract the wrong type of attention).

11) Take action if you think your friends are at risk.

12) Learn how to keep/save a copy of the conversation in chat – this may be useful if you want to report something.

13) Report people breaking the rules to the chatroom provider.

14) Take care if meeting in person someone you have only been in touch with online.
Tell a family member or friend and consider taking them with you – at least on the first visit. Meet and remain in a public place.
Always have a mobile phone with you which is switched on. Stay sober. Take care of your personal belongings.

Getting doxxed/doxxing/dox.

What is doxxing? How does it happen?.
The Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information (especially personally identifiable information) about an individual or organization. The methods employed to acquire this information include searching publicly available databases and social media websites (like Facebook), hacking, and social engineering. It is closely related to internet vigilantism and hacktivism. Doxing may be carried out for various reasons, including to aid law enforcement, business analysis, extortion, coercion, harassment, online shaming, and vigilante justice Ways to be safe from being doxxed.

1) Never ever tell anyone your full name. This is one of the main things they need. Trust no one with your full name. 1st name is fine just keep it to that. Using nicknames are the best option

2) Never use social media names or names that link to your social media since that can be another soruce for them to find you.

3) Never ever tell anyone the name of the city you are in or close too. Name places far far away from you or don't say at all. Keep it simple. Example ''I live in New York City'' ''I live in La''.

4) Never give out your phone number or anything of that nature. Use our chat rooms to talk to people. Phones should be for the people you know in real life.

5) Do not mention in detail of old places you lived in such as countries, states, citiies, towns, or islands etc.

6) Never mention family members full names.

7) If you are eager to add someone to social media just make one for online only. Make the info on that different from your personal one.

8) Never share what schools you are going too or went too.

9) When on cam make sure you are not showing your house, car or anything of that nature. They will try to google map your location if they can.

10) Never share or tell where your job is or what it is that you exactly do. Examples that are fine: '' I cut hair'' '' I work at a food services place''.

11) Never in your life ever think of sharing your credit or debt cards to people. You might be in a world of shit if things go sour.

These are some.most ways to keep yourself from being doxxed. Its safe to be anywhere but its up to YOU to keep it that way. Only you can get yourself doxxed. No one else
Its whatever info you tell people that gets you doxxed. Bottom line is never share what i posted above and all will be peaceful.
Other ways to protect yourself is to googling your full name and address and see what pops up. Go to the sites that have the info on and get them removed asap. This will help block them from finding you.
Please contact The Owner if you are being doxxed or know someone being doxxed. Please also report all doxxers to the owner as well. Thanks for reading and we hope this will help you with safety for not only this website but for ALL websites.

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