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Forums Profile FAQs.

This will answer all forums questions that you might have about your profile.

User Accounts.

  • 1. How to add someone as a friend on the forums.
  • 2. Senting a private message that only you and the other person(s) can see if you add more then 2 to the convo.
  • 3. Sent a message to a users email address. You can have this option available if you wish.
  • 4. Click that to ignore a forums user (posts/threads etc). Certain staff members can NOT be ignored.
  • 5. Find what posts were made from the user lately.
  • 6. Find what threada were made/created from the user lately.
  • (7. This option is no longer available please ignore. )
  • 8. View the users blog's easily.
  • 9. View the users/yourself visitor messages.
  • 10. Tell us what is happening at the moment.
  • 11. Let us know what mood you are in today.
  • Settings/User control panel.

    Here is what each option does or means in the settings area.

  • 1. Where all your private messages are stored.
  • 2. Where all the messages you sent to other members of the forums.
  • 3. Create a new message/Private message by clicking that button.
  • 4. This option is no longer available please ignore.
  • 5. Edit folder names for pm's to be stored in neatly & in order.
  • 6. See what threads you are subscribed too.
  • 7. Edit Subscriptions folders here.
  • 8. Edit, delete, add stuff to your profile.
  • 9. Edit, delete, add a profile picture here for your profile.
  • 10. Edit, delete, add an avatar picture here for your profile.
  • 11. Edit, delete, add a Signature for your profile.
  • 12. Determine who can see what on your own profile.
  • 13. Update & change your email & password here.
  • 14. All other setting are shown there as well.
  • 15. Connect your existing account to facebook.
  • 16. People who you do not want to contact you or see their posts.
  • 17. Who is on your friends list or pending friendship request.
  • 18. When you post something on the calander it will be shown here .
  • 19. View any attachments that has been posted.
  • 20. Post or/and view blogs here.
  • Visitor Messages.

    Here is what each option does or means in the visitor messages area.

  • 1. Post a visitor message in that section.
  • 2. Clicking that will allow more features to be shown for your messages.
  • 3. Report visitor messages by clicking that button.
  • 4. Edit or add something you forgot to the message.
  • 5. Click that when you are done typing your message.
  • 6. Speaks for itself.
  • 7. Click that Box and read number 8 for more detail.
  • 8. Once you click the box(s) you can moderate your messages (delete, undelete, approve/disapprove etc). Click proceed after you are done.
  • Forums Profile.

    Here is what each option does or means when you click on your own profile.

  • 1. Sent a pm (Private Message.
  • 2. Find the latest posts you made.
  • 3. Find the threads you created.
  • 4. Is NOT an option anymore.
  • 5. Read back old and new blogs that you made.
  • 6. When you add your social media in your about me. It will show up there.
  • 7. This where to see what you are doing at what time and day. Also shows when you joined the forums.
  • 8. This is where the friends will be at.
  • 9. Click that to see the rest of your friends list.
  • Forums Profile Part 2.

    Here is what each option does or means when you click on your own profile.

    Forums Profile Bio.

    Here is what the bio section looks like.

    Forums Profile part 3.

    When viewing someones profile. This is how it looks.

  • 1. Add a friend.
  • 2. Sent them a private message(pm).
  • 3. When you allow people to sent you emails from forums it will show there.
  • 4. Igrone them from contacting you and everything. Certain staff can not be igroned.
  • 5. Find the latest posts from that user
  • 6. Find threads made by that user.
  • 7. No longer an option.
  • 8. View blogs that were posted by that member.
  • 9. View VM's between you and that member.
  • 10. Report profile.
  • Vistor Messages.

    When viewing someone elses vistor messages.

    Friends List.

    This is what the friends list looks like.

  • 1. This is where the friends will be once you accept the friendship request.
  • 2. Delete, Add, & view the whole friends list at once here.
  • Likes/Dislikes/Thanks.

    This is what the Likes/Dislikes/Thanks list looks like.


    This is where the status will be once you make one.

    Video Club.

    This is what the Video Club list looks like.

    General Gettings part 1.

    This is what the General Gettings part list looks like.
  • 1. This is where the reputation will be at.
  • 2. This is where people can download profiles as you can see.
  • 3. Click or unclick the boxes that you can get an email from.
  • 4. Want your sent pms saved so you can look back at them? Here yea go then.
  • 5. Control your vistor messages here by turning them on or off. Choose who you want or don't want to see your vm's.

  • General Gettings part 2.
  • 1. Want a email when a pm is sent to you? This is the place to do it.
  • 2. Make the pm that you get pop up asap when on the forums.
  • 3. Save or unsave sent messages that you made to other forums members and staff.
  • 4. Want your vistor message on or off. Do all that here.
  • 5. Set the limit of who can post/view your VMs.

  • General Gettings part 3.
  • 1. Click which one you want or don't wan shown when posting a thread or making a post.
  • 2. Figure out how you want the threads to look here.
  • 3. Want each thread to be 20 posts long or whatever you want it? Do that here.
  • 4. Want a thread to be shown to you when its older then 6 months or younger? Set it up here.
  • 5. Select the time zone you are living in.
  • 6. If its daylight saving time for you set it here.
  • 7. Set the new day of the week here.

  • General Gettings part 4.
  • 1. Choose how you want the interface to look here.
  • 2. Choose what forums skin you want to use.
  • 3. Enchance the attrachs here. Choose if you want it on or off.
  • 4. Show or hide the custom made features on your profile.
  • 5. Click this to have your ip confirmed for extra safety.

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