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Affiliate/Link Exchange If you are looking to become an affiliate with us then you came to the right place.
Please read below the requirements blow to require a legit link exchange with us without it being deleted or edited out in threads & posts.
Please DO NOT spam the chat rooms with your website or any website outside of this forums.
Your site can't not be about the following topics: Anything with hacking, Adult stuff(porn or adult based topics), illegal downloads or trade/buy.
You agree that you will not try to steal members by pming them behind my back trying to push them to join or pressuring/threatening them to join your site.​

Affiliate/ Link Exchange Requirements​


Once your website(s) get accepted you will get a pm from me telling you that it has been accepted.
One you get into that group you can start posting your website in this section. Please remember the rules before posting.
Failure to follow rules will result into deletion of your thread/posts about your website(s) and usergroup taken away.


If your website(s) have been rejectedplease try again in 60 days. The site admin will tell you why it got rejected in the forums PM system box.
In the meantime you may still enjoy services as long as you still obey the rules.
Posting your website link anywhere without premmission will be a banned.
Please remember not to lose your cool if your website gets rejected. There is always next time & not reason to be butthurt or upset.

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