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Welcome to Chatsiteforums Links & Affiliate.

If you are looking to become an affiliate with us then you came to the right place.
Please read below the requirements to require a legit link exchange with us without it being deleted or edited out in threads & posts.

Affiliate exchange requirements

  • You Must have 100 + forums posts. Non spam posts.
  • You must be an active forums member for 60 full days (2 months). By active i mean signing on almost everyday, posting etc.
  • You are willing & agreed to follow all rules of both the forum & chat rooms.
  • Your site can't not be about the following topics: Anything with hacking, Adult stuff(porn or adult based topics), illegal downloads or trade/buy.
  • You agree that you will not try to steal members by pming them behind my back trying to push them to join or pressuring/threatening them to join your site.
  • Your site must be google friendly and will be checked for any bad content.

After you feel that you met our requriements please choose the following 2 to contact the admin for website approval.

  • You may contact the Admin on the forums by clicking here .
  • You may also email the admin your request by clicking here
Our Affiliates.
  • Check out the newest & hottest fitness model from aussie Giorgia Piscina .
  • Wanna check out another cool & fun chat forums like this one? Go check out TopicOh
  • Have playstation with online? Like racing games? Cool!! check this site out then!! Vip Racing .

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