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Chat Room Help.

This is a quick & easy tour of our chat rooms.

This will help you understand what is what and how to work things around the chats.
Please check this thread often as things will be added/removed/edited in the near future. So keep this in mind so you don't be stuck behind.
Here are the basics you need to know about our chat rooms. After reading below i am sure you will be more fully aware of what our rooms have compared to others around the net.

Question 1: I am at this screen what do i do? What is this?

Answer: That is how you enter the our chat rooms. You may enter them as a guest or use your forums name & password if you wish.
Please note too that if you visit the forums 1st then try logging in the chat rooms. This screen will only show for a few secs due to auto-login. To stop that clear cookies & cache.

Question 2: When i turn on my cam i see this in the corner? What are these?

Answer: That is your webcam permissions. Choose who you want & don't want to view you. Please remember mods/admins don't need premission to view cams
All users - means everyone in the chat can view you no matter even if they are using their forums name & password or using guest names etc.
Members Only - means everyone in the chat that is using their forums name & password can view you. Guests won't be able to view.
Friends only - means anyone that you added on your friends list will be able to view you.
Nobody - means no one in the chat can view.
Customs - means pick & choose who you want to view you no matter what group (guests, members) they are in.

Question 3: What does this button here do?

Answer: That is how you log out of the chat rooms.

Question 4: How do i turn off the chat room sounds?

Answer: check the screenshot above to see where to go to turn them off.

Question 5: I turned on my webcam & this pop up came on? What do i do?

Answer: This is to allow/deny your webcam to be broadcast into the chat room. Click one to get rid of the pop up.

Question 6: Can you explain this list in further detail please?

Answer: Sure i can. This list tells you the follow below:
1. How to start a whisper/personal messages. Got to the user and click one of those for a personal/whisper chat.
2. How to start a pm with a user within the chat room. Remember some people have them turned off.
3. Another way to start up your cam and/or mic within the chat room
4. Block that user viewing your webcam/audio feed.
5. If its a member or/and staff member using their forums password & username it will lead you to it if clicked, If its a guest it will show nothing and/or unclickable.
6. Report any user by clicking that button. Only click it if there is no staff member in the room. Please do not over click it or make pranks either.
7. Only staff/Members that are using their forums password & username can have a friends list within the chat room itself. guest accounts can not due to the ID changes when guest logs out each time.
8. Block that user from contacting you via whisper, private message(PM), or clicking your cam. Please note too that you will NOT see that users messages at all. Staff can not be blocked.
9. Total time spent in the chat room. Also tells what your chat status is.

Question 7: Ok im new here & i need to know what is what on the chat room itself.

Answer: Down Below will cover the basic things you need to know & learn about the chat room.
1. That is where the webcam & avatar settings are at. Plus also the skin changer for the chat room itself is there as well.
2. The room that you are currently in.
3. A friends list for staff & members who are using their forums password & name only.
4. Play some games with other chat room members. Remember its just a game.
5. More settings such as fonts, styles, a/v, and a lot more. Check them out before doing anything else in the chat.
6. Choose how you want the chat to look. Bubble or old school? Its all up to you.
7. Choose a smiley here for your messages.
8. Sent a picture or/and a vimeo video for everyone to enjoy. Whisper senting for both is an option too.
9. Select your avatar there.
10. Pick your font color & style there.
11. The chat sound settings. Turn them off/on here.
12. Fancy up your chat with a nice background.
13. Clear the chat room screen to see a new & fresh page.
14. Check out the chat history to see if you forgot something.
15. Click that to sent your message in the chat room.
16. Click that to turn on your webcam/audio in the chat room
17. Users list where everyone that is logged in will appear.
18. Hide your avatar in bubble version only.
19. Hide bot messages.
20. Hide the chat time
21. Stop the auto scrolling. Allow manual scrolling by user.
22. Check who is watching you on webcam or/and listening to you on mic.

We hope this helps & guides you to what you need to know about the chat rooms.

As time goes on more will be add/deleted/edited on this page. Please visit this page often to check out any new updates and/or features. Protection Status

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