Chatsiteforums User Guide.

Welcome to our user guide page which will provide important information for our chat rooms and forums.

Listed below are links to pages that we strongly urge you to read carefully in order to make your chat experience with our website more enjoyable and safe.

Chat Room Guide.

Forums Guide.

Forums Activities.

Join the forums - To join on in the fun with other forum members.
  • Blogs | Post a blog about your day or whatever that is on your mind. Keep it clean.
  • Gallery | Show off your pictures in our amazing gallery section. Please keep all pics pg-13(no nudes or fake pictures).
  • Bank | Keep your forums money(not real money) safe & secure in our forums.
  • Quiz | Take quizzes and/or challenge yourself on how smart you really are when it comes to quizzes.
  • Shop | Use your forums money(not real money) to the shop to purchase neat & amazing things.
  • Social Groups | Join some social groups that other members have created. Feel free to make some too.
  • VIP | Wanna be a vip member? Find out here.