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How to become a Singles Chat Room Moderator.

  • If you wish to be a singles chat moderator please make sure you are at least 16+ to apply for this spot.
  • Please remember that all admins are gonna be hired within the current staff. No exceptions.
  • You must join & be active on the forums at least once a day.
  • Must have at least 25 posts in advance & be a member of the forums for at least 90 days.
  • Must follow all rules of both the forum & chat rooms.
  • Has passable grammar & spelling skills.
  • Must show good social skills by greeting new & old members to the site.
  • Must act mature for the most part when modding. Joking & having fun is allowed of course but please also be professional.
  • Recommendation are very helpful to hiring mods. The more you get the better chances you will have. Must have 3 recommendations or told otherwise by the owner.
  • You agreed to have only 1 forums account.

Singles Chat Room Moderator will be doing the following things.

  • Warning users/guests if they break any rules that are posted.
  • Kick out any user that still causes trouble after warnings are placed. Ban is only for chat admins.
  • Removing unwanted spammers/users that disturbs the chat room flow/convo.
  • Removing users/guests that disrespect staff & everyone.
  • Reporting with admins of the site, about any changes that should be done.
  • Closely working with all members of ChatSiteForums.
  • Hands any agruments or distrubtion within the chat room.
  • Making sure everyone is having a good time without any problems.
  • Keeping all users/guest happy & excited to be here at
  • and so much much more.

If you feel you meet all the requirements & agreed to do your moderator duties at its fullest & give it your 100% best than please fill out an Singles Chat Room Staff Application.

Please remember that if you are not hired as a mod you can always try again. There is no reason why anyone should become ''bitter'' or ''butthurt'' there is always next time.