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Welcome to Girls Chat Room. You must be 14+ to enter.

  • Read the Girls Chat Rules before entering the girls chat. After that pick a name to enter the chat room below.
  • This girls chat room is totally free with no registration is required.
  • Guys are welcomed but can not be staff members.
  • This is the current Girls Chat Moderator Team that will assist you in anything you need within this room.
  • If you need to contact an admin please visit the Administrators Directory
  • Please visit our Tech Support Forums for any updates and/or news about chat room issue(s).
  • Wanna be a mod for girls chat? Find out how to become a Girls Chat Room Moderator
  • Also if you have been banned, kicked, muted, Kos(kicked on sight) please go here
  • Check out the other staff members by visiting our Staff Directory
  • Please allow 1 min for the chat room to connect you to the room.

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