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Welcome to Gamer Chat Room.

Chat Room Guide

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Addtional Room Rules for Gamer Chat

  • Hacking, exploiting, terrorists threats, activity, and terrorists acts and usernames in the chats or/and in the forums is a punishable offense by law. We have logs and will report to ISP/Police/FBI anyone who does.
  • No Nudity of any kind is allowed on webcam. You will be banned & reported.
  • Gamer ids are allowed to be posted on main & be as screen names.
  • No illegal downloads or anything to do with hacking is allowed.
  • No websites or channels as usernames. You will be asked to change it.
  • No asking or being underthe age of 13 is allowed here.
  • Your cam will warned and asked to show face or be disabled from using the cam feature.
  • No streaming any type of videos on your camera. Not even anime shows as well.
  • Do not give out any personal information to anyone, no matter how much you think you can trust them.

Thanks for visiting gamer chat. We hope to see you again

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