Hey all. Anyone may apply to become a mod in the Forums as long as you meet the criteria down below.

Requirements For Forums Moderator

*Be active at least once a day
*Dedicate your time looking through the posts and forums
*Must have at least 100 posts in advance (Not fully needed)
*Should know his/her's way around the forums and topics
*Must cause no problems whatsoever.

**WARNING:** If you are NOT ready to accept the responsibilities as a moderator, DO NOT apply to be one. This job takes a level of maturity and responsibility that many people cannot handle.

Forum Staff

You will be doing the following things as a forum staff member.

*Moderating dedicated to your forums
*Closing inappropriate threads
*Removing unwanted content found within the threads or posts
*Ranking up the post count by making new and interesting posts
*Reporting with admins of the site, about any changes that should be done
*closely working with all members of Chat Site Forums.

Please apply your mod applications to the site admin himself.

*Please Note* If you are moderating or working for any other websites, we appreciate your interest in working with us but, your application will not be accepted.