This is a quick & easy tour of our chat rooms.

This will help you understand what is what and how to work things around the chats.

Please check this thread often as things will be added/removed/edited in the near future. So keep this in mind so you don't be stuck behind.

Here are the basics you need to know about our chat rooms. After reading below i am sure you will be more fully aware of what our rooms have compared to others around the net.

1. Question: I am at this screen what do i do?

Answer: That is how you enter the our chat rooms. You may enter them as a guest or use your forums name & password if you wish.

2. Question: What is this?

Answer: That is your webcam permissions. Choose who you want & don't want to view you. Please remember mods/admins don't need premission to view cams

All users means everyone in the chat can view you no matter even if they are using their forums name & password or using guest names etc.

Members Only means everyone in the chat that is using their forums name & password can view you. Guests won't be able to view.

Friends only means anyone that you added on your friends list will be able to view you.

Nobody means no one in the chat can view.

Customs means pick & choose who you want to view you no matter what group (guests, members) they are in.

3. Question: How do i logout of the chat room?

Answer: Take a look below at the screenshot and it shall help you also leaving the page works too.