Welcome to the Chatsiteforums.com FAQ page for the chat rooms.
This will cover questions that are normally asked. If you see anything we can add please pm me anytime for the suggestion(s).
If you have a question that is not here please also pm me or other staff member and we will be gladly to help you out.

1. Question: What are the age requirements? Answer: Most rooms are 13+. While some rooms ask for an older user base such as 16+, 18+, & 20+. Please make sure you are at the right age for these.

2. Question: What do i need to use & download to use the chat rooms? Answer: Please click the Adobe Flash Player icon below.

3. Question: I wanna read the private policy before i join. Where would that be.

Answer: If you wish to read the private policy please click here.

Question 4: Are these chat rooms safe & free to use?
Answer: Yes they are both safe & free to use at anything of any day. You must be older then 13+ to enter some of the rooms while others might require you to be older (16, 18 etc)

5. Question: Can i promote my website in the chat rooms?

Answer: You may NOT spam or post any links that is not related to Chatsiteforums. If you wish to promote your website please visit here.

6. Question: I see other names in different colors, who are they?

Answer: Those are the Admin's & Mod's. Chat Room Admin's will be in a purple colour. Chat Room Mods will be in a blue colour.Admin(Owner)will be in a red colour. Green is VIP members.

7. Question: I would like to become a moderator or an administrator. How do I apply?

Answer: If you wanna help out by being a moderator or an administrator please visit here

8.Question: I have a mobile phone. Can i use your rooms??

Answer: Yes you can with the following mobile phone below.

9. Question: It just logged me out of the room for no reason. What happened?

Answer: It can happen due to not being active in the room for a certain amount of time or you loss internet connection for a sec without realzing it.

10. Question: Do you allow VPN or Proxy IP addresses to access the chat rooms?

Answer: No we do NOT allow those in or on our chatsite at all. If you are caught using one you will be banned.

11. Question: Do I have to register to participate?

Answer: Nope at at all. If you wish you can use your own forums account name & password to enter the room.

12. Question: I have been banned, kicked, or placed on KOS. What do i do next?

Answer: Well for starters shame on you for breaking the rules. Now to help you get back on the good side of things please visit Here