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Chat Room Rules

This page covers the rules for the chat rooms. Make sure you follow all rules fully to ensure you of a great time & visit here with us.

Also remember that the chat room admin can add, remove, edit rules as they see fit once they get approval from the site admin himself.

For spam chat users please visit here to find out what spam is allowed & not allowed.

Here is what NOT to do, and what may be grounds for a kick or ban.

Mutes will be used as a warning before a ban/kick is used.

Harass, threaten, degrade, intimidate, victimize, or other wise abuse an individual or group. (Hate speech on the basis of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, religion or sexual orientation is unacceptable.)
Sell, advertise or otherwise post commercial solicitations, including web URLs. Also on webcam
Post any URL's regardless of the intent or content of the site. (Except where otherwise noted.)
Links to ,,, & are allowed even social media of those sites.
Post any contact information (email/instant messenger address, home phone/address, etc.).
Post or advertise parties, meet and greets or any other function.
Post content that promotes, demonstrates or otherwise provides illegal instructional information - how to shoplift, how to hack a site, etc.
Attempt to collect other chatters' private, personal information such as telephone number, email/instant messenger address, home address or full name.
Posting another members' personal information (name, email/instant messenger address, home phone/address etc.)
Transmit or attempt to transmit a virus to other chatters.
Impersonate or misrepresent yourself as a moderator/admin of Chatsiteforums.
Allow or instigate arguments to escalate into threats, harassment, or become violent in nature. While squabbles may occur between members, they must remain civil.
Flooding of the room (continuous posts of the same content).
Hacking - this includes speaking with or giving/asking for advice. No excuse.
Speaking a language other than one specified in the title of that room. You have the option to create your own rooms.
Not respecting the staff & rules.

Please Note: Chat Moderators may kick you out of the room as a warning or permanently ban you, for but not limited to any of the rules listed above.

A Note on Safety

Be wary of anyone asking you for your personal information. We will not ask you to post such information (Real name, address, email address etc.).
If for any reason someone does request this from you, report it to us
We HIGHLY suggest that you do not post ANY private information while chatting in a room. It's simply not safe.
Be careful who you trust online and remember that online friends are really strangers. People online, no matter how long you have been talking to them or how friendly they are, may not be who they say they are.
Stay in charge in chat. Keep your personal information secret when chatting online (name, address, telephone number, mobile number, private email address, picture), even if people ask for this.
Check your profile and make sure it doesn’t include any personal information (name, address, telephone number, mobile number, private email address, picture).
Meeting someone you have only been in touch with online can be dangerous.
If you feel that you ‘have to’ meet, then for your own safety you must tell your parent or carer and take them with you – at least on the first visit – and meet in a public place in daytime.
Tell your parent or carer if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried. Also contact the local police department too if needed.

Cam Rules.

If you break any of these rules your cam will be be removed and/or warned by a mod or/and an admin

1. No nudity or showing your ''stuff'' of any kind. The only 2 rooms that its allowed in is Adult chat & Sex chat. Must be 18+ to enter and i mean 18!!!.
2. No showing off any type of drugs on cam. Please use it off camera.
3. No showing streaming of porn or anything rated R unless in adult chat or sex chat. No children stuff at all. You will be banned & reported to the FBI.
4. Any caught recording webcams will be banned for life & reported as well.
5. No cam shows for money or promoting websites are allowed. Your cam will be disabled for it.
6. Talking smack or ''shit'' to a mod or a member of the chat that is overboard on cam/mic will also get you disabled. You will be warned 1st to settle down.
7. Falling asleep on cam is not allowed plus its not a good idea. You might say or do something that might haunt you for a long time in a bad way.
8. Showing killings or preforming any will not be allowed in the room. You will be banned and reported.
9. Sexual acts are only allowed in adult & sex chat. Must be 18!!!
10. No blackmailing people to go on cam or ''else'' threat. Actions will be taken against you on this one by ME.
11. Streaming video games is allowed. Make sure you are NOT promoting a channel or website as you do.
12. If you have kids and they are happen to be on cam when you do(playing in the living room, running around the house) and everything is cool (no nudity or bad behavior etc) then its fine.
13. Breastfeeding is not allowed. Sorry but we had problems in the past when we were known as something else.
14. Posting any websites including social media will not be allowed.

Thanks for joining our chat rooms and hope you have a great & wonderful time.

Please Note: In time the rules might change so please check these as much as you can for any updates.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to add to the rules please contact the Administrator Protection Status

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