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Welcome to our chat rooms.

We are glad to see you here.

We got some basic rules to go over.

Most rooms you have to be 13+ but some require different ages that might be older such as 18. Please be aware.
Nudity on cam is NOT allowed. Adult & Sex chat are the only 2 that allows this. Must be 18+
Spamming, hacking , flooding or anything in that nature is NOT allowed. You will be banned.
Impersonate or misrepresent yourself as an Admin or/and Mod of Chatsiteforums is NOT allowed. You will be banned.
Chat Room Admin's will have a purple colour, Chat Room Mods will have a green colour, Admin(Owner)will be in red. Ultimate VIP Member's will be blue.

If you wish to read the rest of the rules please visit Here.

If you are using a mobile phone please click here to enter chat rooms. Mobile phone users

Click this link to use our chat rooms. Chat Rooms

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