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Here are the basics you need to know about our chat rooms. After reading below i am sure you will be more fully aware of what our rooms have compared to others around the net.

1. Question: I am at this screen what do i do?

Answer: That is how you enter the our chat rooms. You may enter them as a guest or use your forums name & password if you wish.

2. Question: whst is this?

Answer: That is your webcam premissions. Choose who you want & don't want to view you. Please remember mods/admins don't need premission to view cams
All users means everyone in the chat can view you no matter even if they are using their forums name & password or using guest names etc.
Members Only means everyone in the chat that is using their forums name & password can view you. Guests won't be able to view.
Freinds Only means anyone that you added on your friends list will be able to view you.
Nobody means no one in the chat can view.
Customs means pick & choose who you want to view you no matter what group (guests, members) they are in.

3. Question: How do i logout of the chat room?

Answer: Take a look below at the screenshot and it shall help you also leaving the page works too.

4. Question: How do i turn off the chat room sounds?

Answer: Take a look below at the screenshot and it shall help you.

5. Question: I need help knowing what is what on the chat. Can yea help me?

Answer: Yes please read the guide below to help you learn the ropes of the rooms.

  • 1. Type your messages here.
  • 2. Everyone that is in the chat room will be shown there.
  • 3. Click that to turn on your camera and/or mic for chatting live with others users.
  • 4. All public messages will be shown there for everyone to see. Whispers will be shown there too but only you and the other person can see only.
  • 5. The settings area plus more. Read below for more detail.
  • 6. Find out who is watching your webcam or listening on your mic.
  • 7. This is where you will find the following: Smileys, sent pictures, font sizes & colors , disable.enable stuff in the chat, change the chat background.
  • 8. This where you would go to whisper someone or do a direct message.
  • 9. Click that to sent your message.
  • 10. More options to hide certain stuff and stop the scrolling of the room.

  • Webcam/Audio.

  • 1.Once you turn on your webcam you will see this pop up each time. Allow your cam to broadcast or deny it to broadcast.

  • Chat Room Settings.

  • 1. How to start a whisper/personal messages. Got to the user and click one of those for a personal/whisper chat.
  • 2. How to start a pm with a user within the chat room. Remember some people have them turned off.
  • 3. Another way to start up your cam and/or mic within the chat room.
  • 4. Sent a gift to a user.
  • 5. The settings area plus more. Read below for more detail.
  • 6. View a users profile if they have one set up.If they are part of the forums that will also show up as well.
  • 7. Report a user here. Use it for urgents times.Not for every little issue(s).
  • 8. Add some friends to your list on the chat.
  • 9. Block a user that you wish not to have in contact with. Staff members can NOT be blocked/igroned.
  • 10. This shows how long you been on the chat room. Also your status will be shown there too.

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