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This is a FAQ page is for the chat rooms.

This will cover everything you need to know about Chatsiteforums Chat Rooms.

1A. Question: What are the age requirements?

Answer: Most rooms are 13+. While some rooms ask for an older user base such as 16+, 18+, & 20+. Please make sure you are at the right age for these.

1B. Question: What do i need to use & download to use the chat rooms?

Answer: Please click the Adobe Flash Player icon below.

2. Question: What web browser(s) can i use to enter the chat room with?

Answer: Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, & Safari are the top choices.

3.Question: Are these chat rooms safe and free?

Answer: Yes they are both safe and free to use at anytime of anyday. You must be 13+ to at least enter some of the rooms. Any under the age of 13 will not be allowed..

4. Question: I wanna read the private policy before i join. Where would that be.

Answer: If you wish to read the private policy please click here.

5. Question: Can i promote my website in the chat rooms?

Answer: You may NOT spam or post any links that is not related to Chatsiteforums. If you wish to promote your website please visit here.

6. Question: I see other names in different colors, who are they?

Answer: Those are the Admin's & Mod's. Chat Room Admin's will be in a purple colour. Chat Room Mods will be in a blue colour.Admin(Owner)will be in a red colour. Green is VIP members.

7. Question: I would like to become a moderator or an administrator. How do I apply?

Answer: If you wanna help out by being a moderator or an administrator please visit here.

8.Question: I have a mobile phone. Can i use your rooms??

Answer: Yes you can with the following mobile phone below.

9. Question: It just logged me out of the room for no reason. What happened?

Answer: It can happen due to not being active in the room for a certain amount of time or you loss internet connection for a sec without realzing it.

10. Question: Do you allow VPN or Proxy IP addresses to access the chat rooms?

Answer: No we do NOT allow those in or on our chatsite at all. If you are caught using one you will be banned.

11. Question: Do I have to register to participate?

Answer: Nope at at all. If you wish you can use your own forums account name & password to enter the room.

12. Question: I have been banned, kicked, or placed on KOS. What do i do next?

Answer: Well for starters shame on you for breaking the rules. Now to help you get back on the good side of things please visit

13. Question: I have a question that was not answered on this page. Where can I ask this question?

Answer: You can ask this question the forums itself or sent us an email here.

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