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Have you been Banned? Kicked? or Placed on Kos?

Please read below before posting a thread or pming a staff member. Thanks

If you have been Banned & Kicked. Please keep reading below.
1st join/Log into the forums and then look for the room admin that controls the room you were kicked in. Click Admins & Mods.
After you find the right Admin. Sent them a private message expaining your side of the story in an adult matter. Being civil and acting as adult WILL help in the long run..
Please Allow 24-48 hours for the Room Admin to reply to your message.While waiting you may visit other room that you are not banned from. Remember to follow the rules in those rooms as well.
If you have any screenshots or any proof to help your case please present them as soon as you can. Faking screenshots will result a lifetime ban.
Once granted back in make sure you follow all chat room rules so your chat experince is not ruined.Some cases are not reserveable
Bans can last from 1 hour to lifetime depending on the crime.
Kicks are issued as a warning prior to the ban.

If you have been place on KOS. Please keep reading below.

People who are placed on Kos list are useually people that are extremly dangerious to other rooms and the Chatsiteforums communtiy.
What is Kos? It means Kick On Sight.
People who are placed on Kos list are useually people that are extremly dangerious to chatters and other rooms.
The staff here tries it best to throw those type of people out of our rooms to make the chat room flow more easy.
If you find yourself on the KOS list please join/sign into the forums & private message the Room Admin that placed you on Kos.
Ask the room admin what you can do to get you off the Kos list. Make sure you listen & follow all rules once your kos is expired

Things not to do on forums while waiting for a reply by the admin.

Do Not sent pm after pm after pm. They will get to you asap. Please be patience.
Please Do not make any threads or posts relating to being banned, kicked, or kos.
Using proxies or fake ip's of any kind will not help in anyway.
Making ''deals'' as in money or anything of that nature will not be accepted. If you can't do the time do not do the crime.
Last by not least. Kissing ass does NOT do any good it just makes you look sad and thristy. Check yourself if you reach this point in life

If you feel that you were NOT helped in any way please contact the site admin on the forums.

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