Chatsiteforums - Banned, Kicked, KOS(Kick on sight).

This is guide that will tell you what to do & not to do when you get banned, kicked, or placed on kos.

Please read below carefully so we can work this issue out in a mature & adult matter.

Question: I got banned from the chat room. What do i do?

  • 1st you must join/log into the forums.
  • After you done that please look for the Chat Admin that is in charge of the room you got banned from.
  • Sent a civil & mature pm to the admin explaining everything that happened. Might need to provide screenshots to help you're case.
  • After the pm is sent please wait at least 72 hours for a reply. If no reply has please pm the the owner.
  • You may contact the owner if you feel the chat admin did not help you in anyway.
  • Please do not make threads/post or spam the chats about being banned. It will pro-long it even more.
  • Any threats or immature behavior will get you no where. So please be mature during the process and things will go smoother.
  • Please note - Some bans are not reverseable so don't get you're hopes up if you know this beforehand. Bans can last from 1 day - lifetime.

Question: I got banned from the chat room. What do i do?

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